Coomera Watersports Club - Oxenford Lake - Damien Leeding Park

Grant approached the Council in 1998 and after lengthy discussions the CWC became ultimately part of the City Project with a development agreement. The Coomera Watersports Club Ltd was founded in 1999.


The main building started construction in 2003 but was not completed until August 2009. Delays from Council slowed progress and it was only after the water was connect to mains, was it possible to make the building occupy-able.


The project was stymied by an ongoing and general lack of support from several levels of government. The slow beginning did not stop Grant, and when Council finally acknowledged this was going to be a reality eventually got somewhat behind the Club and the building to help finish it.


If not for the Pforr's and the family business (Permacrete) this building would not have become a reality.


                                    Gold Coast City Council - Damien Leeding Memorial Park Information 

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Coomera Watersports Club, under construction, Gold Coast City Council, Damien Leedin Park, Oxenford